1. Barbados International Business Association (BIBA) hereinafter “The Company” presents you with the following Privacy Policy to guarantee the right to the protection of your data. Your access and use of the Website constitutes your agreement and express acknowledgement that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy presented herein, as well as our Terms and Conditions, and that these are binding. In the event that you do not agree, you are requested to refrain from using the Website.
2. This Personal Data Protection Policy has been adopted in order to comply with the provisions of the regulations on Personal Data Protection.
3. Various technologies are used on our Website to make it more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. These technologies may involve the automatic collection of data, both by us and by third parties on our behalf. Generally, this data does not contain personal details about the user. Examples of such technologies are cookies, flash cookies and web analytics. You can use your browser settings to disable the use of cookies. If they are disabled you will still be able to browse our Website, but may experience
some restrictions.
4. The personal data provided by the customer is used to be collected, stored, recorded, organised, selected, extracted, confronted, managed, analysed, interconnected, associated, dissociated, communicated, assigned, exchanged, transferred, transmitted or, used in any way by The Company affiliates and/or third parties, for which purpose the customer has given consent at the time of physical or digital collection of the personal data for the following:
a. Carry out business intelligence actions, creation of tailor-made offers, customer prospecting, market research and trends; identify traceability and consumption patterns for statistical purposes; understanding of profiles.
b. Contractual relations that may be established with the client; granting guarantees on products purchased when appropriate; and informing the client about commercial conditions and after-sales services, among other actions derived from the business carried out.
c. To communicate the data to third parties or suppliers, in charge of any of the uses and processing mentioned in this text, anywhere in the world.
d. Contact the customer through various electronic channels, such as telephone contact, email, digital media such as email, Facebook, text messages (SMS), WhatsApp or other similar platforms, to the mobile phone number that the customer provides to The Company, to send commercial information related to marketing campaigns and events, to invite them to participate in the loyalty program and to communicate promotions and advertising about products, goods and services.
e. To carry out marketing activities, commercial activities, business intelligence, disseminate information on promotions, financial education or other benefits.
f. Promote, market and offer the products and/or services offered by the Company or in alliances, through any means or channel, to complement or deepen the portfolio of products and/or services currently offered, for which purpose it may also consult public and/or private databases, references and results of any analysis or processing of the data provided.
g. Transfer and store personal information to other companies related to The Company (such as service providers, affiliates and partners) for the development of the purposes described herein.
5. The Company is also responsible for compliance with the contents of the law, such as: The storage or transfer of personal data, explicit consent of the owner of the data, rights of access, updating, rectification, cancellation, opposition and portability of the data, general principles which inspire and govern the protection of personal data.
6. The customer, owner of the data, certifies that all data provided is accurate, real and truthful, the customer may revoke or limit the consent at any time. However, The Company is not responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by the customer.
7. The Company may transfer such personal data with companies related to The Company and/or third parties. In this context, The Company may also transfer the data outside the local territory for the aforementioned purposes, to the following recipients only: The Company’s employees, The Company’s suppliers who need to have access to the data in order to perform their duties and offer their services and to The Company’s strategic partners.
8. The Company, in compliance with the obligations, may share and disclose the personal data of customers to the following persons: The Company’s lawyers, for purposes of legal advice, dispute resolution or litigation to protect the interest of The Company and its affiliates, affiliates or subcontractors of The Company, persons identified in a court order in compliance with any court subpoena, any government institution that has made a lawful request for such data, for statistical, academic or research purposes and where such disclosure is required by applicable laws.
9. Customers are responsible for the information submitted to The Company, any errors, omissions, failure to update or misrepresentation in the information submitted shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.
10. If you have any questions or requests about this notice or the handling of your personal data, or if you would like additional information, please contact:

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this Website. We reserve the right to update or modify this Policy at any time without notice.

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