BIBA is a not-for-profit private sector trade organisation. It provides a network for meetings and exchange amongst persons involved in global business. BIBA serves as a growing voice in the development of business in Barbados and has over 140 member firms at this time.


The goals of the Association are:

  • To be the industry voice to the Barbados government and community.
  • To provide a forum for exchanges of information and ideas among members.
  • To ensure our members’ professional and personal interests are adequately served.
  • To be the catalyst for creating and maintaining private and public sector unity in the effort to develop Barbados.
  • To be an invaluable partner to the government and the people of Barbados in the development efforts of the country.
  • To liaise with and facilitate the work of the relevant government ministries, statutory bodies, and other organizations involved in the development and regulation of international business in Barbados.
  • To be an authority and major source of information on matters related to global business.
  • To be a major point of contact for helpful advice and orientation of new investors to the island.


Annually, the membership of the Association elects a Board of Directors which meets every other month. In accordance with the Association’s By-laws, the Board appoints an Executive Committee which oversees the day-to-day affairs of the Association. The Executive Committee meets alternate months from when the Board meets. General Meetings are held as frequently as circumstances dictate, with the Annual General Meeting taking place in June of each year.

Working Committees, organized functionally are as follows: Insurance, Banking and Wealth Management, Business Facilitation, and Business Development. Committees are expected to meet as often as the subject matter with which they are involved dictates but must meet at least once per quarter and not later than one week prior to the meetings of the Board of Directors.


  • Ability to offer input into laws, regulations, and policy decisions affecting global business
  • Access to valuable sources of information and analysis of developments in the global business sector
  • Attractive medical plan available to all members in good financial standing
  • Evidence of substantive involvement in the business community in Barbados
  • Listing in the online BIBA members’ directory
  • Being kept informed of local and selected international fora on current topics of relevance to the global business sector
  • Networking opportunities with local and global contacts
  • Ability to post free vacancy advertisements
  • Ability to post press releases of business or corporate developments on BIBA’s website at preferential rates
  • Discounted rates on advertisements of items or services on offer
  • Access to group Health Insurance
  • Opportunities to attend local and selected international fora on current topics of relevance to the global business sector at preferential rates.
  • Opportunity to vote and also become a member of the Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to sit on BIBA working committees

Please also find here:

  • A copy of the Association’s By-Laws


Application Fee (non-refundable) $200

1 – 5 employees
$1,250.00 per annum + 17.5% VAT

6 – 10 employees
$2,500.00 per annum + 17.5% VAT

More than 10 employees
$4,200.00 per annum + 17.5% VAT

Since the membership year ends on March 31st, new applications are pro-rated quarterly from April 1st in each year as received. Receipts are issued on request only.

Should you have any questions pertaining to the Association, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BIBA Forms

Download our Membership form here.