BIBA Membership Application


Name of Company: Date Licensed:   

Date of Incorporation/Registration in Barbados:  

Jurisdiction of Incorporation if not in Barbados:

Type of Company:


Business Address:  


Email Address:    



Nature of Business



Total Number of Employees:     

No. Professional Accounting     No. Professional Legal   No. General Management & HR                          

No. Supervisory   No. Secretarial      No. Clerical  No. Other Professionals


Name of Representative to BIBA (plus 1 alternate):


Title: Email:



Title:  Email:


Name of Parent Company/Controlling Beneficial Owner:


Parent/Owner Address Abroad:


Foreign Corporate Connections; where located and how connected:


Barbados Reference #1 :                                                                                         

Barbados Reference #2 :  

Referees must be third parties, not persons who are internal to the prospective member. References from lawyers, bankers or accountants are required, though in certain circumstances other referees may be accepted, such as other BIBA member organisations.



Are you a licensed Corporate Service Provider?

If yes, provide the date licensed.  


How did you learn of the Association?


Why did you establish in Barbados?


MEMBER UNDERTAKING: As a prospective member of BIBA, we undertake to notify you promptly if our controlling ownership changes. We understand that BIBA has the right to terminate or refuse membership if it does not receive the necessary due diligence in respect of our controlling owners, our directors and our officers, or any of them.



After you have signed this agreement, please wait to be redirected to our payment page, where you may pay your application fee.

 Application Fee (Non-refundable):      BDS. $200.00


Annual Membership Fee (Bds. $)

1 - 5 employees                                                   $1,250.00 per annum + 17.5% VAT

6 - 10 employees                                                 $2,500.00 per annum + 17.5% VAT

More than 10 employees                                    $4,200.00 per annum + 17.5% VAT

The membership year is from April 1to March 31st. (The membership fee for new applicants will be prorated for the remainder of the year on a quarterly basis). 

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