An established International Financial Services Provider is seeking a qualified and experienced Compliance Officer to lead its Compliance Department.  Interested persons should possess a recognized professional qualification /certification in any of the following fields; Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Management or Compliance.

Applicants who possess ACAMS, ACFCS, ICA etc. certifications or similar qualifications would be ideal. Suitable candidates would have previously worked in the compliance area in a Senior role for a minimum of 3 years. Experience in the international business sector and the financial services sector would be an asset. Knowledge of trust and corporate structures, and banking operations would be beneficial to the role.

The successful candidate must be able to competently fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • Lead a team of compliance personnel and create a comprehensive, reliable compliance programme.
  • Develop, revise and maintain documented risk-based policies, processes and procedures based on current legislation, regulatory guidelines and requirements, and best practices.
  • Correspond with regulatory bodies on all compliance related matters including new developments, investigations and inspections.
  • Communicate current developments and disseminate relevant updates and guidance issued by regulatory authorities.
  • Manage and coordinate the Due Diligence and Monitoring programmes.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the Compliance function and ensure that reliable controls are implemented.
  • Provide guidance to the Board, Management and Staff and promote a strong compliance culture throughout the organization.
  • Perform the risk assessments of the entity and its clients.
  • Undertake the role of the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).
  • Develop and deliver training programmes to meet the needs of staff and the Board of Directors.
  • Prepare reports and presentations for the Board of Directors and Management.
  • Responds to compliance matters or concerns raised and make recommendations for corrective action to Senior Management and the Board of Directors to have issues identified rectified.
  • Perform the FATCA and CRS reporting for the entity and ensure overall compliance with FATCA and CRS requirements.
  • Keep abreast with compliance developments e.g. EU Directives and be aware of the impact of international requirements.

Applications should be sent via email to  no later than January 22, 2018. Only suitable applications will be acknowledged.