The Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) is pleased to announce that the rules have been approved and the International Securities Market (ISM) will officially be launched next Wednesday.

The BSE believes that the establishment of the ISM would be beneficial not only to the members of the international business community but also to the economy of Barbados.

The BSE currently provides private corporations with a source of raising capital through initial public offerings when going public or via rights issues, once publicly listed, usually to fund various growth initiatives outlined by the company and approved by its shareholders or to fund acquisitions. They also provide the general public with the opportunity to invest in securities issued by both local and regional companies listed on its board. The opportunity for wealth creation also exists through the receipt of dividend payments made by listed companies to their shareholders as well as capital gains through the sale of shares at a price higher than the purchase price.

“The addition of the ISM to our market gives existing International Business Companies (IBCs) the same opportunities afforded to those companies currently listed on the Regular and Junior Markets of the BSE, to raise capital to fund operations, expansion and/or acquisitions as well as elevate the organization’s public profile locally, regionally and internationally by generating greater public awareness on the nature of the business and the services provided,” says a statement released by the BSE.

“It is our belief that the establishment of the International Securities Market (ISM) would also attract more non-traditional IBCs to Barbados, resulting in more employment opportunities for Barbadians as well as partnerships between these non-traditional IBCs and local companies that they may be aligned with in terms of the nature of their business,” it stated.