Caribbean360 is looking for writers within the business community who may have similar interests/point of views which they would like to share to the Caribbean and international audience via, its weekly e-newsletters (Travel, ‘NEWS’ and Business editions) and social media channels (FB, Twitter).

The articles can be about activities within Barbados or the region.

Please see the following suggested topics:

1) Issues related to Caribbean countries as “tax havens”. (Caribbean states are still under blacklisting threats, with some recently having received notification from the EU’s Code of Conduct Group that they could be blacklisted if they don’t satisfactorily complete a special questionnaire).

2) Citizenship by Investment programmes

3) Businesses protecting themselves from ransomware and other cyber attacks.

4) Assessments of the Budget/the country’s economic performance – overall and in specific sectors.

5) Why should the average Barbadian be interested in the international business sector? (Most people don’t see the connection between how the sector performs and their day to day lives)

6) Consumer confidence

Kindly note that the topics are not limited to the above and that all credit would be given to the contributors.

Interested persons should contact the BIBA Secretariat at