Please be advised that the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office (CAIPO) has relocated to the ground floor of the Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael. Kindly also note that they have been issued with new telephone numbers with effect from Monday November 21, 2016.  Please see the new contact numbers for Senior management as listed below:

  PBX 535-2400
Ms Heather Clarke 535-2402 Registrar/Director
Ms Deborah Beckles 535-2403 Deputy Registrar (Intellectual Property)
Mrs Merlene Weekes-Libert 535-2404 Deputy Registrar (Copyright
Ms Shanna Codrington 535-2405 Deputy Registrar (Companies)
Ms Olivia Davis 535-2406 Legal Examiner
Mrs Linda Benjamin 535-2420 Assistant Registrar (Corporate Registry)
Mrs Ann Aimey-Harris 535-2421 Assistant Registrar (Corporate Registry)
Ms Suzette Cumberbatch 535-2413 CAO1 (Intellectual Property Office)
Mr Norman Mason 535-2422 CAO1 (Corporate Registry)
Mr Alfred Taylor 535-2411 Network Systems Administrator
Ms Tracey Smith 535-2412 System Analyst
Ms Marva Kirton 535-2407 Executive Secretary