Protocol having been established, Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman and thank you for joining us at our second Luncheon Seminar for 2014. It gives me great pleasure to see so many of you galvanised into turning out for this event, and I must truly thank the representatives of our member firms Cidel Bank & Trust, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, who are here this morning to discuss the implications of this latest move by the Canadian Federal Government. Like all developments that occur in Canada, our largest source market for international business, BIBA is exercising vigilance in all the areas of possible impact that could result from the rule changes. Our Banking, Insurance, Tax and Legal Profession Committees have been actively consulting member firms in their respective sectors to develop a holistic picture of the threats, and also opportunities, which could result from these budgetary measures. On February 20th, we held a special meeting of Board and Committee members to collectively review our findings and synthesize a plan of action both at a national and organizational level. We are also in an open dialogue with Invest Barbados and the Ministry of International Business on the best approaches to take to mitigate the possible impacts, and I am delighted to have Minister Inniss and his team, as well as Ms. Emeline Taitt and her Invest Barbados team, here today to hear further perspectives related to this ongoing development. It is no secret that Barbados is in a perilous economic state and any new developments that have the potential to further undermine our growth must be swiftly assessed and responded to. While we recognise that these new measures are not in any way targeted specifically at Barbados, the fact of the matter is that with approximately 80% of our international business coming out of Canada, our jurisdiction will feel the impact of this more than others. Therefore, it is up to us now to be more agile than at any other time in the history of our international business sector. We have several pieces of corporate legislation in the pipeline that must be pushed through and put on the books so that we could swiftly exploit those other niche areas and markets for which Barbados is a perfect fit. However, I believe the very knowledgeable and experienced panellists that we have assembled here today will flesh out this argument in much greater detail so let me fulfil my duties as president and report to you on the other matters in which BIBA has been engaged since our last luncheon. BIBA has been one of the private sector agencies with which the Barbados Private Sector Trade Team (PSTT) has been consulting ahead of the next round of negotiations in March on the Caricom-Canada Trade Agreement, which expired in December last year. Investment and Services is one of the areas slated for negotiation at this meeting and we were informed by the PSTT representatives at a meeting on February 3rd that the Investment Chapter in the proposed new agreement is largely based on the Canada-Barbados Double Taxation Agreement. We are being guided by the BPSTT on developments in these negotiations and the impact of proposals on this sector. On February 10, BIBA supported a Meet the Regulators town hall meeting coordinated by the Ministry of International Business, at which representatives from the Central Bank of Barbados, Financial Services Commission, Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office, Financial Intelligence Unit, and Invest Barbados addressed the sector on the roles and responsibilities of their offices, as well as new initiatives that were planned. This closed forum was a worthwhile exercise as it allowed for a candid exchange of views between business people and the regulatory agencies and we look forward to supporting the Ministry in similar exercises in the future. As mentioned last month, BIBA also intends to host a town hall meeting in the very near future as we seek to engage our members collectively on the best ways in which we can move our organisation forward. The date of this planned meeting will be shared with members in due course. While we had a much smaller response to our Members Survey than initially hoped for, we will still use the opinions shared with us as a starting point from which to guide the agenda of our special members’ meeting. On February 20 we had a meeting with the manager and the Head of the Caribbean office of the ACCA at which we discussed opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration and engagement. More information on this will be shared as we actively seek to develop this relationship as we will with other strategic partner organisations. The Winston Scott Polyclinic Appeal launched by our BIBA Charity at the end of December continues to gain steam and we remain on target to raise the $70,000 needed to provide a the Polyclinic with a much needed walk-in cooler to support the island-wide immunization and vaccination program. This fundraising appeal is in keeping with the Charity’s stated aim of contributing in a meaningful way to the improvement of the public healthcare system in Barbados. On behalf of the Charity Trustees, I would like to thank everyone who attended and donated toward the Art, Wine & Cheese fundraiser that was held last Friday at a private residence in Turtleback Ridge. This event attracted more than 80 people and was able to make a further meaningful contribution to this cause. Kudos to the trustees Lisl Lewis, Louisa Lewis-Ward and Dawn Williams for organising an enjoyable evening and we encourage you to further support them with their planned events over the year. Please join me now extend a hearty welcome to our first two new members for this year. They are Pencarrek Ltd. and Franco-Nevada (Barbados) Corporation. Before I close, I would also like to remind you that the BIBA Compensation & Benefits Survey Report, which contains comparative compensation data for 2010 and 2013, and tracks trends between 2007 and 2013 related to salaries, benefits and pay practices across the international business and financial services sector, is still available for purchase through the BIBA Secretariat. Thank you for your time and interest and I now take pleasure in introducing our distinguished panel to you.