BIBA Charity

The BIBA Charity was established in 2010 as a way for members of the international business community to contribute to the social welfare of Barbados.


The goal of the charity is to provide a simple mechanism for businesses and their clients to give back to institutions that have  existing funding requirements and are already active in serving a broad segment of Barbadian society. By facilitating giving in a collective way, it will also allow for the international business community’s contributions to Barbados to be better measured.


The Charity has three trustees who will be replaced from within the BIBA membership:

Advisory Council

In addition, an advisory council has been created to monitor the interests of BIBA members and to ensure that the trust remains effectively focused on improving social services in Barbados. The council is composed of:

  • Mr. Peter Boos
  • Mr. Henderson Holmes

 Audit and Systems Controls

The Charity is audited by KPMG annually and banks with Royal Bank of Canada. None of the trustees or advisory counsel are paid and the charity is committed to keeping its costs and overheads at a bare minimum.


The public healthcare system of Barbados has been identified as the Charity’s beneficiary. Through the BIBA Charity Fund, tangible goods and equipment that our charitable donations can assist with immediately will be purchased, thus saving time and administrative cost and most importantly, helping those in need right away.


The Charity is registered under the Barbados Charities Act and donations made to the Charity are tax deductible for corporate donors. To make a donation, please contact any of the trustees or the BIBA Secretariat.