The Barbados International Business Association (BIBA) expanded its international presence by opening a chapter association in Canada in 2010. At the inaugural meeting of BIBA-Canada, held on August 30th, 2010 in Toronto Canada, the following were appointed as directors of the new Chapter: Thomas C. Sears (Chairman), Dave Thomas, Alison Manzer (Secretary) and Ken Campbell.

The new Chapter of BIBA-Canada will allow Canada-based parent organizations to support their businesses and the mission of BIBA from their home locations in Canada. As well, Canadian individuals who have worked and lived in Barbados as corporate members of BIBA in Barbados will have the ability to continue their involvement and support of international business relations between Canada and Barbados even after returning to Canada.

The Mission of BIBA-Canada is to further the interests of Canadian business in Barbados and to support the continued growth of healthy business relationships between these two great trading partners. In support of this mission, BIBA-Canada will focus on the active promotion, research and support of business opportunities for companies and individuals located in Canada and Barbado

To join BIBA-Canada please download and complete the Membership Form and forward the completed and signed form to BIBA-Canada c/o our friends at Invest Barbados, in Toronto via:

E-Mail: (scan of a completed and signed form), or

By Post:     BIBA-Canada c/o Invest Barbados, 105 Adelaide Street West, Suite 1010, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1P9

For more information please refer to:

Thomas C. Sears, Chairman, BIBA-Canada
Phone: (905) 800-0548